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Wildfire UV Visible Colors

Price: From $48.96 to $65.67
Manufacturer: Wildfire

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Wildfire Visible Luminescent Paints appear bright under ordinary light and fluoresce brilliantly under black light. They can be mixed with each other for more color variation, or mixed with non-fluorescent water-based artist acrylics for more subtle fluorescent shades.

Wildfire Luminescent Paints can be applied to just about any surface as long it's properly cleaned and primed. Use flat white paint such as Titanium White to prime the surface. (Darker base coats will dim the fluorescent effect.)

These paints are best if used indoors, but they can last for a few months outdoors depending on the degree of direct sunlight and exposure to the elements. We recommend they be used outdoors only for temporary applications.

Wildfire Visible Luminescent Paints are super-saturated with UV sensitive pigments, making them the brightest black light paints available. They're also specially formulated NOT to shift colors when switching from white light to black light. This is why HOLLYWOOD scenic professionals choose Wildfire paint for creating spectacular UV effects.

Wildfire Paints are water-based and completely non-toxic.

32 fl. oz. (quart) / 946 ml

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