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Ultratec Quick Shot

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Price: $86.00
Item Number: N786
Manufacturer: Ultratec
Manufacturer Part No: PAP 1015

The Quick Shot is a simple but very effective launcher for Streamers and Pro Fetti. Using a 16-gram CO2 Cartridge (sold separately), you are able to launch these products to a height of 50´ (15 meters). It is equipped with a simple manual triggering mechanism allowing the user greater control of the effect. The Quick Shot does NOT require a lifting cup or back pressure cap. You will find this product to be very effective and affordable while maintaining quality.

  • Can reach heights of 50 feet
  • Reusable
  • Requires 16 gram Co2 cartridge and load, not included
  • Confetti and streamer available colors: Multi, white, red and blue
  • 1-3cm diameter

 ultratec Quick Shot

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