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Spot Dot 3.0 Magnet Upgrade Kit

Price: $27.95
Item Number: F950-M
The Spot Dot comes with six very strong rare earth magnets. For those who want an even stronger magnetic base, you can double the number of magnets.
  • Installing this upgrade is simple and requires no tools.
  • Pulling power is disproportional to the number of magnets being added.
  • Doubling the number of magnets increases the magnetic pull but doesn't double it.

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Spot Dot 3.0 Followspot Sight
Price: $209.00
Spot Dot 3.0 Followspot Sight
Accurate at all distances. Hit your mark on the stage every time without ghosting or chalk board marks. No one will know you're using a sight. Aimed by a red dot LED in the 30mm sight. This is NOT a laser! The red dot is NOT projected beyond the sight.
Spot Dot 3.0 Standoff Upgrade Kit
Price: $29.95
Spot Dot 3.0 Standoff Upgrade Kit
Some customers desire a greater distance than the standard 4.5 in. The standoff upgrade kit includes 3 additional choices: 5.5 in, 6.5 in or 7.5 in. Purchase the magnet kit for strength due to torque from the extra height.