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Spot Dot 3.0 Followspot Sight

Price: Temporarily out of stock
Item Number: F950-3
Manufacturer Part No: 17010a-036

Accurate at all distances. Hit your mark on the stage every time without ghosting or chalk board marks. No one will know you're using a sight -- not the audience, not the talent, not even the LD!

Aimed by a red dot LED in the 30mm sight. This is NOT a laser! The red dot is NOT projected beyond the sight. Choose from 11 different brightness settings. The dot is visible to the operator under all conditions. Got a bunch of ACLs pointing toward your followspot position? Working outdoors before dark? No problem. See the dot, put it on the talent and open your douser. Perfect pickup every time.

Zero magnification. That's important because it means you can see the whole stage and use the scope at the same time.

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Standard lens height is 4.5 inches above the base.
  • The base conforms to round or flat surfaces without adjustment.
  • All new with six of the strongest rare earth magnets available.
  • Power from one readily available 3v lithium 2032 coin-cell battery provides 40+ hours of continuous use.
  • Comes in a high impact plastic case measuring 6x7x6 inches so it's easy to carry in your toolbag.
  • Now included at no extra cost is a variable-angle ball socket adapter that allows the operator to set the sight angle to his preference and prevents him from hitting his headset on the side of the lamp.
  • Incorporated into the Spot Dot 3.0 is the attached safety leash.

Battery NOT included. A CR2032 battery is required for operation. Batteries are not included due to shipping regulations. CR2032 3v lithium cion cell battery are generally available anywhere batteries are sold.

Click here for the instructions how to use the Spot Dot 3.0

Optional Accessories:

The Standoff Upgrade Kit for additional height above the base of the followspot.
The Magnetic Upgrade Kit for additional magnet strength. Especially useful in combination with the Standoff Upgrade to stabilize the Spot Dot 3.0 due to the increased height.

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