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Rosco Gel Pack-Theater Colors

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Price: $94.10
Item Number: E-THEATER
Manufacturer: Rosco
Manufacturer Part No: kit
The Norcostco Theatrical Gel Starter Pack is an easy-to-use set of Roscolux gel sheets designed for the most common theatrical lighting techniques. Each pack consists of 2 sheets (20" X 24") of the following colors:
#002 - Bastard Amber: For warm white light. Excellent for natural skin tones.
#316- Gallo Gold: For naturalistic backlight. Good for creating a sunrise or sunset effect.
#033 - No Color Pink: For adding a rosy tint to any scene.
#052 - Light Lavender: For specials and backlight washes. Excellent followspot color.
#060 - No Color Blue: For cool white light. Excellent for balancing with E002.
#068 - Sky Blue: A deeper blue for a sky effect or a nighttime wash.