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Rosco Custom Steel Gobo-Duplicate


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Rosco Custom Steel Gobo-Original
Price: $82.95
Rosco Custom Steel Gobo-Original
Custom gobos are used in virtually every lighting project including: special events, corporate industrials, retail store lighting, theatre, film, and television. We'll turn your unique design into a high quality steel gobo with bridging as necessary.
Price: $31.50
Item Number: D410-01
Manufacturer: Rosco
Manufacturer Part No: 2507 2200 xxxx

You must purchase a Custom Steel Gobo-Original before you can purchase any duplicates.  The duplicates will be the exact same image and gobo size as the original.  If you need a different size or image, then you must order additional originals.  If you have purchased multiple originals, please use the "Notes" box above to indicate how many copies you want of which image.  If you have any questions please call 1-800-220-6920.