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Prairie Recital Hall-Cedar Rapids, IA
In the fall of 2009 Norcostco provided the new lighting and dimming system for Prairie Recital Hall.  Situated next to the existing high school theatre, the 1000 seat recital hall was designed primarily for music, but has the technical capabilities to accommodate theatrical productions as well.  In the spring of 2011 Norcostco was enlisted to supplement their inventory with additional lighting fixtures and create and implement a lighting plot ideal for the variety of performances that the recital hall hosts.   



1-ETC Ion 1000 w/ 2x20 Faderwing

2-SR48 Sensor Dimmer Racks with 112 dimmers,

Electrical Raceways and distribution

Unison Control System

Stage Manager’s Rack

6-ETC Source4 Ellipsoidal Spotlights, 36 degree

12-ETC Source4 Ellipsoidal Spotlights, 26 degree

24-ETC Source4 Ellipsoidal Spotlights, 19 degree

12-ETC Source4 PAR Spotlights

9-Altman Q-Lite




28 Source 4 14degree fixtures

4 Source 4 19degree fixtures

12 Source 4 PAR EA fixtures

Lamping all fixtures with 750 watt lamps

 4 Source 4 15-30 degree Zoom fixtures

2 Canto 1200 follow spots

4 Gobo Rotators

6 Sensor D20E Dual Dimmer Modules for increased capacity and control.

Complete unpacking, assembly and hanging of all light fixtures.

Lighting design

Documentation including plot, schedule, manuals, data sheets

Additional Training, including:

  • Mechanics of lights--Cord, plug, bulb, etc.
  • How to change a bulb
  • How to bench focus a light
  • How to stage focus a light
  • The “McCandless” concepts and how it is used in the concert hall plot
  • How to run the follow spots
  • Basic layout of board
  • How to patch the board
  • How to record subs
  • How to record cues
  • How to playback cues
  • How to use the remote
Owner: College Community School District-Cedar Rapids, IA
Architect: OPN Architects
Consultant: Schuler Shook
Project Manager: Rob Koontz