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Nurturing Force Clean Sweep - Foam Makeup Remover

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Price: $15.00
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Item Number: 11600-1.69
Manufacturer: Nurturing Force
Manufacturer Part No: 75
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Clean Sweep - Foam Makeup Remover™ Foam
Cleansing Water for Eyes, Face & Body

Nuturing Force's Vegan Clean Sweep - Foam Makeup Remover™ easy to apply penetrating foam is Oil-Free, Alcohol-Free, Paraben Free and Fragrance-Free gentle, moisturizing way to remove makeup from eyes, face or body without residue or smearing. Nuturing Force was asked us to create a solution safe enough for removing waterproof mascara and powerful enough for removing airbrushed makeup; that could be used multiple times a day for makeup changes, and we did. The result was we developed Clean Sweep - Foam Makeup Remover™.

Use Clean Sweep Foam to remove waterproof mascara, cream, powder, liquid, mineral makeup, wax based products and all airbrush applications including silicone, water and alcohol based black 'ink' temporary tattoo makeup. The foam will remove makeup from the eyes, face and body; it is tough on makeup, yet kind to your skin.

There is no residue left on the skin, skin feels fresh, cleansed and moisturized, no removing the remover. This means you can remove mistakes during your application, or change your look completely, without the worry of will the new look stay put.

Foam Bottle 1.69 fl. oz. / 50 mL

Makeup Tip: For severe acne prone skin, a cotton ball may be used to remove the foam instead of a cotton pad or soft tissue.

Directions: With clean fingertips, gently apply the foam and and massage into the skin. Then tissue off gently with a cotton pad or soft tissue. Although there is no residue left on the skin, the face may be rinsed off after.
To remove eye makeup and waterproof mascara: Close eyes and gently apply foam with fingertips and tissue off. Or apply foam onto cotton pad and remove eye makeup and waterproof mascara.

Clean Sweep - Foam Makeup Remover™ is part of Nuturing Force's Wellness Aloe Vera Skincare line of products:
Nuturing Force's Aloe Vera Gel First Ingredient Formula is non-comedogenic formula containing chamomile, to calm and soothe, and aloe to hydrate and moisturize skin; making it excellent for sensitive skin or very acne prone skin. Aloe's anti-oxidants assist skins battle with pollution.
  • Nuturing Force's products are: Without Residues, Paraben Free, No Added Colors, No Added Fragrances & Cruelty Free.