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Kryolan Plaster Bandages

Price: From $8.20 to $11.50
Manufacturer: Kryolan

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Plastrona is a porous impregnated fast-setting plaster of Paris bandage. On account of the special material structure made of a stable cotton carrier material and the even application of the plaster, they can be moistened fast and offer excellent conformability and modelling properties. They are commonly used for casting with circular plaster of Paris bandaging techniques.

Plastrona bandages have a good reputation worldwide owning to their impregnation with high-quality, synthetically pure plaster of Paris with an ideal composition with a low material consumption thanks to the great strength after hardening. Due to its porous structure, Plastrona absorbs moisture rapidly and uniformly. The excellent moulding properties and the good cohesion make Plastrona easy to use.

Plastrona bandages are available in several widths. Protect the entire body area being treated with suitable padding (synthetic wadding, tube, foam).

Made by Hartmann.