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ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr Engine Only

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Price: $2,612.00
Item Number: K6111
Manufacturer: ETC
Manufacturer Part No: 7461A1050
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ETC PowerCon Connector Type*

ENGINE ONLY for field retrofit of existing Source Four inventories.

Product Includes
  • Includes the Source Four LED light engine only.
  • PowerCon power input cable with Edison connector.
  • C-clamp, Soft focus diffuser and an A-size pattern holder.
The Source Four LED Series 2 luminaire is the result of extensive experimentation with the x7 Color System™ to get the brightest light in the colors you use most. Colors like rose, canary yellow, sky blue and amber are up to three hundred percent brighter than those from the original Source Four LED™. The Source Four LED Series 2 is so bright, so adaptable that it can be used in any position in any installation, even for long throws and front of house.
Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr fixtures are based on the x7 Color System and uses new emitters that marry the spectrum together, creating up to three times brighter light in the colors you use.
  • The Soft Focus Diffuser fits into a standard A-size pattern holder and delivers beautiful homogenized light when not in sharp focus. Also, use with patterns for dappled and blurry projections.
  • Source Four LED™ fixtures add a new layer to your lighting system. They feature the same size, look, optics and beam angles as a traditional Source Four®, with the efficiency and energy savings of an LED.

The Source Four LED Lustr®+ luminaire maximizes the superior mixing capabilities of the x7 Color System™ to offer the most flexible range of color. From high-intensity whites to soft tints and supple, vibrant colors, the Source Four Lustr+ achieves theater-worthy color rendering. You can smoothly transition from one color to another on the fly, vary the feeling of a scene, or go bold with effects. The Source Four LED Lustr+ also produces an adjustable white light that flatters any skin tone – in person or on screen. And new opportunities arise when the Source Four Lustr+ is layered with Source Four incandescent fixtures on a rig, seamlessly blending in with the tungsten lighting.

Source Four LED luminaires give you the same user interface and software as ETC’s Selador Desire™ LED family. User settings, quick setups and operational modes let you customize your Source Four LEDs to your specific application.

Source Four LED luminaires use the same barrel as other Source Four fixtures, so you can easily retrofit your inventory. For the highest-quality, controllable beam, Source Four LED fixtures can accept any standard Source Four lens tubes, but you can achieve the best results when using a Source Four EDLT (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube). And ETC offers an LED-only 50° lens tube.

Product Features
  • 60 Luxeon® Rebel LED emitters
  • 20,000-hour L70 Rating
  • 3 arrays: Lustr, Daylight HD and Tungsten HD
  • Includes slots for glass or stainless steel patterns and soft focus diffuser
  • Accessory slot for motorized pattern devices or optional iris
  • Power and DMX in/thru connections for easy setup
  • Up to 3 fixtures can be linked via power in/thru connectors (9 total fixtures per circuit)
  • DMX512 in/thru via five-pin XLR connectors
  • Multiple control options, including RGB, strobe, and console-free Master/Slave mode
  • 15-bit virtual dimming engine for smooth fades and minimal color shift during dimming
  • ETL Listed to UL1573; IP20 rated
  • Available in black (standard), white or silver, or custom fixture-body colors

 Introducting Source Four LED Series 2 Tungsten HD and Daylight HD

 Source Four LED Series 2

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