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ETC ColorSource Spot Light Engine with Shutter Barrel in Deep Blue Array

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Price: $1,510.00
Item Number: K554
Manufacturer: ETC
Manufacturer Part No: 7413A1041
This item drop ships from the manufacturer

About the ColorSource Array options - Original vs. Deep Blue

Original ColorSource fixtures use an RGB-L array where the ‘B’ represents the use of blue LEDs. ColorSource Deep Blue replaces those blue LEDs with a deeper ‘Royal Blue’ (indigo) LED. Original ColorSource fixtures can reach any color within the dark shaded triangle while the ColorSource Deep Blue fixtures can reach any color within the light shaded triangle. While much of these areas overlap, there is a portion of each range that can only be reached by the respective color arrays (A=Original, B=Deep Blue). 

ColorSource Spot + Engine Body with Shutter Barrel for use with ETC Source Four Lens Tubes. ETC highly recommends for use with the Enhanced Lens Tubes.

Product Includes

  • Includes the ColorSource Spot Engine with Shutter Barrel. Lens Tubes purchased seperately.
  • PowerCon power input cable with connector of your choice.
  • C-clamp, soft focus diffuser, and A frame patter holder included.
  • Optional Lens Tubes include a color frame.

See Spot shine!

The ColorSource Spot outperforms other four-color LED profiles, thanks to its precise combination of red, green, blue and lime emitters. ETC applied its extensive color-mixing knowledge to the fixture, to ensure that it can achieve brighter, richer and more believable colors than other budget LEDs, especially in the warm end of the color spectrum. Bright, punchy, with incredible output, the ColorSource Spot is also more dependable. You don’t have to worry about it fading over the course of a show, because it compensates for thermal droop to keep the color going strong.

No experience required

Don’t want to spend an eternity setting up and trying to figure out how to control your fixtures? The ColorSource Spot is intuitive and approachable for anyone. It works with any lighting-control desk, or it can be used console-free, so you can just plug the ColorSource Spot in, punch a couple buttons on its user interface, and be good to go. No special training or lighting experience necessary.

It’s a Fresnel! It’s ColorSource Spot!

Want more bang for your buck? The ColorSource Spot accepts all the accessories, fixed-focus lens tubes, and CYC and Fresnel adapters that fit ETC’s Source Four® LED luminaires. You get the versatility of the Source Four LED system in an affordable fixture capable of filling any role in a light rig.

ETC’s seal of approval

The ColorSource Spot has durability you can count on. ETC manufactures each luminaire at our factory, putting it through our rigorous quality tests. And we back that up with our industry-leading, 24/7/365 technical service and customer support.

Product Features:
  • Easy-to-use, simple RGB control adds lime automatically when needed
  • RDM capability
  • Power in and thru with PowerCON connectors
  • DMX in and thru
  • Low-noise fan operation
  • Droop compensation for consistent output
  • Optically calibrated
  • Homogenized optics
  • Includes slots for glass or stainless steel patterns and soft focus diffuser
  • Accessory slot for motorized pattern devices or optional iris
  • Accepts all Source Four® LED accessories and lens tubes
  • Works with Source Four LED Fresnel and Source Four LED CYC adapters

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