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Ben Nye ProColor

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Price: From $17.00 to $28.00
Manufacturer: Ben Nye

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ProColor Foundations, Contours, Tattoo & Concealers and Shimmers provide a beautiful look. Death, FX, and Classic Colors create remarkable realism. All shades may be hand painted or airbrushed. Add a few drops of Final Seal to extend wear and retard perspiration.

Beauty Series - Foundations
Provides natual HD coverage in a durable aqua formula. Just decide whether you are designing for day looks, bridal, or long lasting evening wear. 
Sixteen shades for all complexions are nicely pigmented and micro-blended for delicate, durable coverage.

Beauty Series - Blush & Contours
Finish your makeup with 14 Blush, Hightlights and Contours.

Concealers & Tattoo Cover
Conceal blemishes, under-eye shadows, age spots and redness. Warm Conealer PCN-12 is great at covering under-eye discoloration. Enhance durability by adding Final Seal.
Use Ben Nye's innovative Tattoo Cover to neutralize dark body art. Blue Concealer No. 1 (PCN-14) is especially efficient.

Shimmer Series
Add beautiful luminescence to face and body with these ultra-fine synthetic pigments. In addition to airbrush, they may be applied with a sponge.

Classic Series
All are ideal for character, FX, fantasy, and more.  Add a few drops of Final Seal to extend wear and retard perspiration.

Death & FX Series
The Death shades are standard for classic character or for innovative complexions.
FX Colors lend vibrant realism to create cuts, bruises, burns, and general mayhem.

1 fl. oz. / 29 ml. Expect 20-150 applications.

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The aqua formula includes a sealer that keeps color firmly in place. Add to paints that may require thinning.

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