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Basic Set Construction & Theater Safety-DVD

Price: $229.00
Item Number: Z120
Manufacturer: Interactive Educational Video
Manufacturer Part No: PPT-2
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Basic Set Construction & Theater Safety DVD - Program 2
Shop Safety & Set Construction For The Acting Teacher
Many Secondary Theater Teachers have a very strong background in performance and directing, but feel less comfortable swinging a hammer or using a power tool. Basic Set Construction and Theater Safety is a program geared towards those teachers and towards aspiring technical theater students. Set Construction and Theater Safety begins with a tour of a completed interior set. The DVD then breaks the set into it's component parts. The tour stops and returns to the shop and shows how to construct practical set pieces such as platforms, stair units, and wagons. Scale drawings, and computer generated graphics reinforce the construction techniques shown on the program. Flat construction is next, including joining techniques such as how to use hinges and lash lines, battens and keeper hooks, and how to dutchman. Finally, how to dress out a set with set props is examined.

Features & Benefits:
Flexible Format - Use the entire program as a fifteen-day lesson plan, or select individual topics as necessary-all at the click of a button!

Support Materials on CD-ROM - Includes all lesson plans, handouts, worksheets, and tests, both performance and written. Everything is cross-referenced to National Standards For The Arts. And you have permission to reproduce the materials for classroom use!

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