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Alcone 3rd Degree 2 Part Silicone

Alcone 3rd Degree
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Price: From $24.00 to $40.00
Manufacturer: Alcone

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3rd Degree is an extremely versitile product that can either resurface skin, or create small out-of-kit effects. It can even be poured into molds. 3rd degree is a unique silicone prosthetic material with limitless application for the professional makeup artist. It is simply the highest quality "out of the kit" build-up materials available. Easy to use, with no heat necessary to cure. Contains medical grade silicone that is safe on all areas of the body. Creates a soft and stretchy silicone rubber that sets in five minutes. It can be formed directly on the skin or cast in a mold. Sticks to itself so it is its own "no-edge" glue. It can be thinned with 99% Alcohol to blend into the skin. The finished effect can be peeled off and used again. It can also be painted with almost anything.