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ETC Universal Fader Wings

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Manufacturer: ETC
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The Universal Fader Wings offer flexible playback options at an economical price. Whether you need more physical faders for your Eos console, banks and banks of submasters for your Ion console, or more space-conscious solutions for master playbacks on your Congo jr console, the Universal Fader Wings are for you. Universal Fader Wings are available in two variants: The 2 x 10 Fader Wing is half the width of the Ion and Congo jr consoles and offers 20 faders with an LCD for labeling the fader content; the 2 x 20 Fader Wing is the same width as the Ion and Congo jr consoles and offers 40 faders and two LCD displays.

The Universal Fader Wings are modular accessories for the Eos, Ion and Congo jr lighting control consoles. They may be connected physically to either side of the Ion or Congo jr consoles or may be used as stand-alone wings connected to any of the Eos, Ion or Congo jr consoles with a provided USB cable. An external power supply, included, is required when used stand alone.