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Ben Nye Theatrical Creme Kit

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Price: $55.00

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Creme Kits are a standard for class and production. Products are intensely pigmented, easy to blend and provide exceptional design options. The series contains a contemporary selection of creme foundations, rouges, highlights and shadows formulated in a richly pigmented, velvety texture. Creme makeups are gentle, even for individuals with sensitive skin. Seven specific skin tone combinations are offered. Quality components in generous full sizes cover straight, beauty, old age and special effects makeups. Expect ample makeup for dozens of applications for instruction and theatrical productions. Valued at well over $115 if purchased separately.  Made by Ben Nye.

Component selection based on skin tone: Three Creme Foundations, Creme Contour Wheel (Cheek Rouge, Lip Color and two Creme Colors), Bruise & Abrasions Wheel, Creme Colors in a Highlight & Shadow & White, Dry Rouge, Eyebrow Pencil, Lip Pencil, Black Pencil, Liquid Latex, Nose & Scar Wax, Hair Color, Face Powder, 0.25oz Spirit Gum Adhesive, 1oz Spirit Gum Remover, 0.5 oz Dark Stage Blood, No. 11 Rouge Brush, Velour Powder Puff, Latex Foam Sponge Applicators, Fine Stipple Sponge, No. 3 Flat Brush, No. 7 Flat Brush, Eyebrow/Lash, Comb, Swab Tip Applicator.

Select from the following Kits:
  • TK-1 Fair: Light-Medium
  • TK-2 Fair: Medium-Tan
  • TK-3 Olive: Light Medium
  • TK-4 Olive: Medium-Deep
  • TK-5 Brown: Light
  • TK-6 Brown: Medium
  • TK-7 Brown: Dark
TK Kits contain a small bottle of liquid latex. Latex products being shipped during cold weather months have the potential to freeze and then will turn solid. To help avoid this, we suggest shipment via 2nd day or next day service from approximately November through April. However, ordering during these cold weather months is at your own risk and Norcostco will not be responsible for product that has been ruined due to freezing during shipment. These products are stocked at all of our locations and, of course, are available to be picked up.

* Shades formulated specifically for kit.